Marimba Institute Educational Show

The Marimba Institute’s educational performance explores the music of the marimba directly from the cultures that birthed this beautiful instrument. The students experience infectious rhythms of Central America and South Africa by learning to sing songs and clap rhythms throughout the show. Volunteers will get to come up and play the instruments along with the band. Our performance is inter-cut with short stories about the cultures that created the music, providing context and enrichment.IMG_9216Our builders then share the process of creating a marimba, teaching students how a piece of wood is crafted into a tonal instrument by building a marimba bar right in front of their eyes, demonstrating the relationship between physics and sound.

All aspects of the Marimba Institute’s educational show are scaleable for a variety of age groups from Kindergarten to adults. The Marimba Institute school show demonstrates concepts listed in California state standards for both science and music.

Ask us about Marimba Institute courses for Elementary and Middle School groups!

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