– Marimba Designs and Pricing –

To order, please send your inquiry to joel@marimbainstitute.com for a detailed invoice. Please allow 3-6 weeks for fabrication and delivery.

Repairs: Bar re-tuning, Bar replacement, Frame repair, and zhardware replacement services on ours and other concert marimbas are also available for $40/hr


Tabletop Diatonic Soprano [G4 – C6]: $250


This is our first marimba design and remains a great introduction to the world of Marimbas for all ages.  This Soprano covers 1.5 octaves (G4-C6) the hardwood bars and simple design help make the instrument affordable, portable and durable.  Great for teachers, Orff programs, or getting your own marimba ensemble started.

Zimbabwean-Style Diatonic Marimbas

Soprano [C4-C6]:$1280   –  Tenor [C3-C5]:$1480 

Baritone [G2-E5]:$1980  –   Bass: [C2-D3]$2600


Our Zimbabwean-Style marimba design, tuned to a modern African standard: a diatonic C scale with an in-line F# every octave.   All our marimbas are built with legs that angle outwards for stability and fold up for easy transport. Resonators for these marimbas come standard with cellophane buzzers for a meditative traditional sound. The basic designs are in the range of a Soprano [C4-C6], Tenor [C3-C5], Baritone [G2-E4] and Bass [C2-D3].  The Soprano and Tenor come with African Padauk bars and Poplar frames and are built as a single diatonic row of bars with an in-line F# as per the Zimbabwean style. The frame and bars of the Baritone and Bass marimbas are made with Maple and are completely diatonic.        

Many other options and tunings can be made.                                                           We’re happy to discuss custom orders. 

Chromatic Marimba Designs

3 Octave Travel Marimba (F3 – F6): $1850

The Marimba Institute’s 3 octave travel Marimba is a space-saving easily portable marimba that is unique not only in it’s convenience, but in it’s uncompromising quality.  This is a perfect practice instrument for the classical player, or a gigging work horse for the busy professional. The bars are graduated in two widths 2″- 1.5″ and the range is F3 – F6.  Available with pure resonators for classical playing, or buzzing resonators for players in the Central American or African styles. The portability of our fold-up diatonic marimbas is built into this design for unparalleled ease of transport in a professional mallet instrument.

Chromatic Lead Soprano [G4 – C6]: $2500

Built as a hybrid between a Chromatic Classical Marimba and a Zimbabwean-style Lead Soprano (C4-E6), it carries our folding legs design, and our specialty switching resonator system that can dial your resonators from classically pure to African buzz with the twist of a knob.  The Marimba you see in this video is a custom instrument priced at $2,000.  We can make marimbas with similar features to your custom specifications.

Product Highlight – “Masanga” Switching Resonator

Masanga is a Shona word that means the joining of two rivers or roads. In that spirit, our resonator allows you to switch your marimba between a traditional African-style buzzing tone and a traditional western clean tone with the turn of a dial.  Any marimba in our Zimbabwean-style Diatonic Line and our Chromatic Hybrid can use this new technology, so ask us about adding the Masanga switching resonator to your instrument order.  (Audio sample coming soon)