– About the L.A.Marimba Institute –

Hi!  Welcome to this, our small corner of the web known as the Los Angeles Marimba Institute. I’m Joel Mankey and I want to thank you for visiting our site to find out more about the Marimba, our instruments, and the wonderful enriching music we can play together.

The L.A. Marimba Institute came about through my many years playing in the Los Angeles based Masanga Marimba, founded by Dr. Ric Alviso of California State University, Northridge.  After 15 years of being asked by ardent fans if we make our own marimbas, and if we teach lessons, I decided to start saying “Yes!” and “Yes!” to those questions, and the Los Angeles Marimba Institute was born.  I was joined early on by my fellow marimba maker, band-mate, and music educator Scott Murphy and we began by designing and creating numerous tabletop marimbas for teaching and sharing marimba music.  With the mission of spreading the Joy of marimba of all styles, from the modern classical instrument played by orchestras and soloists, to it’s ancestors and unique styles around the world from Central America to Africa, we will continue to build instruments, share information, and release music.  Please come back regularly to check out our instruments page, blog, and youtube channel, and learn all about this wonderful instrument.