Blog Launch, and Tabletop Marimbas!

Blog Launch, and Tabletop Marimbas!

Hello Marimba world! I’ve finally made to building the site for the Los Angeles Marimba Institute’s web launch.  I’ve spent years as an arranger and multi-instrumentalist and the assistant director of the Masanga Marimba Ensemble ( and I’ve recently begun teaching and building Marimbas as well!  Some others from Masanga Marimba have been instrumental in helping the effort including Scott Murphy and over in Houston, TX Andy Keller. (  In the upcoming months, I’ll be doing my best to bring to a small corner of the web information, music, and good times based around music and marimbas, in the hopes that I can further share the joy that they have brought me with some of you fans and friends out there.

Here is some of the work I’ve done to get things started. Pictured below is LAMI’s flagship design, the Tabletop Marimba.  Built with modular basics to keep a low barrier to entry and low cost for beginners, the Tabletop Design allows the player to buy Marimbas for themselves or their children in easily manageable chunks, adding other piecessuch as legs, a box resonator, or replacement bars after the fact. (replacement bars are also offered in different pitches for playing in different Keys.)

Tabletop Marimba design – Oak Bars

Mba No Legs

Tabletop Marimba design w/ swivel legs and stained frame – Maple Bars

Mba Legs

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